About us

SoFloat started with a simple need
a stylish pool float that would be the epitome of comfort with enduring quality materials and workmanship.


Totally surrounded by water and with more pools per capita than any other country, it should come as no surprise that picturesque New Zealand is the home of SoFloat. 

SoFloat’s head office is located at Papamoa Beach, a sunny beach side town in the Bay of Plenty.
A region renowned for beautiful beaches and long, warm Summers.

The Bay of Plenty also has one of New Zealand’s largest ports and is a transport hub, making our shipping quick and easy.


Five years ago Dave Roberts was enjoying an idyllic holiday in the South of France.

While spending an afternoon by the pool, Dave noticed some beanbags on the patio. Dave, who is well known for his creative imagination and always being on the lookout for the next fun idea, decided he would be more comfortable on a bean bag but not on the patio! That’s right, the bean bags ended up in the pool, and the afternoon was spent snoozing and sipping cool drinks on half submerged bean bags. Bliss!

These particular beanbags were made out of a standard polyester / cotton blend fabric – perfect for lounging on the patio, but not ideal for the pool. The polystyrene beans meant the beanbags floated surprisingly well, however the fabric took on a bit of water and there was no way for the water to drain out. As the day went on the bean bag became more and more submerged.

Then came the Aha! moment for Dave. Everyone loved the idea of a beanbag in the pool, so why not create a product similar to a traditional bean bag but designed to float, specifically on the pool.

The following week Dave was back in New Zealand and on a quest to create the best possible Floating Bean Bag began. This meant Dave wanted a bean bag that would mirror the comfort of an indoor sofa as well as deliver a quality product that would last many Summers.

The design process concentrated on materials and construction as well as being stylish. The aesthetics were just as important as the materials and workmanship. It had to look good, be super comfortable and good quality. He got there!

After some arduous product testing in the sunny pools of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, SoFloat was born. Dave is quietly overjoyed because he has created the best possible Floating Bean Bag.

SoFloat is as comfortable as his indoor sofa and is made from quality Sunbrella material and outstanding construction.

Now Dave’s quest is to take SoFloat back to the South of France…. hopefully one day soon!

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